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For the children

The resort rolls out a red carpet to give your children a taste of skiing while having fun: Reception for children, dedicated beginners zone, Opoual’s Magic carpet…

In the heart of the resort, the Childcare Centre welcomes your children from 3 months to 12 years of age (3 Clubs), in spacious, welcoming locations.
Skilled caregivers offer all kinds of fun activities – indoor games and outside playing in the snow …

For children who want to playfully learn how to ski: different options are proposed – flexible and tailored to children’s ages – combining activities from the childcare centre and initiation or ski lessons with the ski schools.


Opoual loves children! He is the nice “not all abominable” Yeti and mascot of the Labellemontagne resorts.

Opoual offers all children between ages 6 and 11 years his “handbook” in which they will follow, while playing, his adventures and those of his beautiful mountains. He will have them discover the mysteries of the mountain and the various resort professions. Opoual gives them some pointers as to how to behave on the slopes and in nature. Thanks to Opoual’s handbook the children could possibly win their families’ next trip to the snow, while participating in the new game-contest “Adopt the Opoual Attitude”! Plenty to put their parents in a real good mood !

So fine, Opoual’s Snack Time

Opoual likes to eat…and share – so he invites the children to his Snack Time, organized every Tuesday during the French school holidays. On the program: Meet with Opoual, music show, pictures with Opoual…
On top of his fine Snack Time Show, Opoual does not stand idle with his paws in his fur! Children will have the chance to shake his paw, on the slopes or elsewhere.

With all that, kids will have a great holiday—Opoual’s promise !

Opoual has his own kingdom on the Web! Find it fast !